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Ivy - voc, bass
Gruby - gitara
Marley - gitara
Senator - perkusja

Dodatkowe informacje:

The band was founded in 1996/1997 in Poland -by Ivy - bass, Chriser - guitar and Seba - drums. In 2000, after several line-up changes the band recorded their first MCD entitled "...and the Angels Descended to Earth". Musicians who took part in the recording session were: Crow - vocals (ex-Cold Passion), Chriser - guitar, Sworn - guitar, Ivy - bass, Trichiasis (Asgaard) - synthetizers, Xen - drums. After the recording Xen left the band and his place was taken by Phoenix (Cold Passion). This was also the line-up for first Serpentia gigs (with e.g. Vader, Decapitated,Parricide, Whorehouse, Thy Disease). "...and the Angels Descended to Earth" was a great example of what Serpentia could offer - technically excellent material, constantly surprising with its variety and creativity. The vocalist's skills were also appreciated by the press - his vocals range from growling and death metal scream to whisper.
Soon the band started to play gigs promoting "...and the Angels Descended to Earth" (Hell Fest, Metal Party and more). After series of concerts the work on the new album started. The album was recorded and produced in Jarek Baran's Jaro Home Studio (Delight, Thy Disease, Anal Stench). Cover artwork was designed by a young artist Mikashigaru. The lyrics on "Dark Fields of Pain" tell of physical suffering and mental decay.Serpentia was the first death metal band in poland which started useing 7 strings guitars and 5 string bass.The album reach the point over 100 revies in whole world.
D.F.O.P. was chosen "one of the best "debiut albums of that time.
The band played a couple of gigs in Poland, took part in The Lost Killing Tour, they were also invited to play in England for the first time! After live promotion of D.F.O.P. there came the time for a new album. "Nails Enigma" brought many changes - music became even more brutal and new vocal solutions appeared. Band started mixed death metal with grunge groove. That's why people see them as Grunge Death metalers. Lyrics-wise, the album is the ending of the trilogy - the story of a detective who investigates Nails Enigma case. To solve it, he has to go back in time to the events that took place 1 year before, on Dark Fields of Pain. Everything circles around mysterious murders committed on children… If he manages to solve the Nails Enigma he may be able to understand the probability of suffering.
The material was recorded at Underground Studio and engineered by Krzysztof Pochopien, the band played a couple of gigs in England (with e.g. Exodus,Green Carnation).After 7 years of wandering between nothingness and desolation,Serpentia is recording their third album finally called "The Day In The Year Of Candles"

2000 "...and the Angels Descended to Earth" MCD (never official realised)
2003 "Dark Fields of Pain" (Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0210)
2004 "Nails Enigma" (Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0242)
2011 "The Day In The Year Of Candles" (Recession Records)

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22 marca 2013 19:00
The Last Breath of Winter

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