Ray Aichinger – saxophones / AU
Mattias Nilsson – piano / SE


The awarded Austrian saxophonist, Ray Aichinger meets one of the most respected pianists in Sweden, Mattias Nilsson. With a perfect mix of melodies from jazz, pop and the movies they add songs from Austria & Sweden as well as their own originals. This is a rare musical friendship in which a mutual respect for the true listening takes place.

RAY AICHINGER, saxophonist and composer, is a member of a upcoming generation of jazz musicians who are attracting attention by being at ease with a variety of musical genres. These could include a modern classical quintet, the well known ‚Organ Format’ or a duo with piano. Many centuries ago the famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam proposed that „when one is presented with lined paper, write sideways.” In a similar vein, Ray Aichinger has skilfully shown that the fusion of modern improvisation with swing jazz can produce impressive and appealing results.

MATTIAS NILSSON is regarded as one of the most respected pianists in Sweden. Besides his devotion for the timeless traditions of jazz piano, Nilsson adds to his palette of musical colors the rich and varied traditions of Swedish folk music, hymns, native composers, and not least, his original compositions. With a very warm, personal touch in mind, Mattias creates his own soundscape with totally new colors. Mattias has toured and performed in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Holland, Croatia, Turkey, United States and Latin America regular visits to Chile where he also was invited by the Swedish Embassy in 2011 to play for the Swedish Prime Minister´s on his first visit to the country. In 2013 Mattias received the prestigious Swedish Harry Arnold Scholarship and later that year he performed solo at the 23rd Akbank International Jazz Festival in Istanbul which marked the beginning of his solo career at the international scene. Since 2014 he is also working with international jazz singers Sharón Clark from USA.

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