Oratnitza @ Klub RE, Krakow, Poland | FOLKTRON release

Oratnitza is kicking off the new year with an European tour and their new album release FOLKTRON!
Oratniza’s music is a blend of folk melodies, orthodox-style chanting, distant aboriginal themes, hip-hop, dubstep, trap D’n’B, and irregular rhythms. Oratniza interprets Bulgarian traditional songs in a way that our generation can truly embrace. The band is reviving an interest in Bulgarian musical tradition amongst young and old, not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole of Europe. Thanks to the masterful combination of regional folklore elements, with global musical styles and the use of atypical instruments, Oratniza’s music touches us regardless of our background.
Oratnitza brings you thrilling, rolling Bulgarian ethnobass and it’s 100% live!

Winner of the Sofia Fusion Rally (BG)
Winner of the Battle of the Bands of World Music Network
Winner of the July Jazz Festival (BG)


Tickets info soon…

About the new album:
A FOLKTRON is an elementary particle, similar to an electron. It is characterized by the low frequency waves it generates, imperceptible by the human ear. This folktronic infrasound is considered prehistoric. Influenced by its subsensory vibrations, mankind has made a multitude of attempts to explain and reproduce this earthly phenomenon by the means of acoustic instruments. The genesis of folk music is actually the result of this particle’s effect on the human ear. The combination of traditional instruments from different continents and cultures allows one to decode the folktron’s most extensive wave spectra. The quantum ethno project you are holding in your hands, presents you the sound of folktron in its rawest possible form.


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