MadGod + Follow the Waves

25 kwietnia 2015 20:00

MadGod (czeski thrash/metalcore)
Czech metalcore band MadGod origins from Sumperk, Jeseniky undermountain town. Their music style draws inspiration from death, thrash, and melodic death metal mixed with groove influences and spiced a little by clean vocals. Highlight of their career was czech tour in 2014 with belgium Herfst, finland Embassy of Silence and czech Dying Passion, supporting Dienamic, Chronosphere, Awakening Sun in spring 2015, and this april/may they’re going on eupore tour!
They released their debute record on 17th of November, 2014 – you can listen to it on their:

Follow the Waves (czeski hardcore/metalcore)
Czech melodic-hardcore band Follow the Waves origins from Opava city. Their music is influenced by modern metalcore and hardcore bands like Bring me the Horizon, Architects, Heart in hand or Being as an ocean. They released debute record in 2014, you can follow them on their fb page or see their music video:

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