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Christian Kühn – guitar, composition
Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarnet
Esat Ekincioglu – bass
George Hadow – drums
wtorek, 6 marca 2018 – 21:00
20/15 PLN
KUHN FU is an international and multicultural quartet that plays a fusion of jazz and rock with added elements of blues, psychedelia, jazz avant-garde and classical/contemporary music. The basis of their intense and groovy music is carefully constructed rhythms, a large dynamic span, and a strong melodic feeling. Founded in 2012 in Groningen Netherlands, the
band has been very active over the years, touring in 11 countries and playing over 120 concerts. The music is written by German
composer/guitarist Christian Kühn, the melodic work is done by Dutch resident/Israeli/Romanian bass clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld and the rhythm section is driven by Dutch resident/Turkish bassist Esat Ekincioglu and English drummer George Hadow. Live the band’s deep immersion and spontaneous interplay radiates an unstoppable energy.
*”the chief attraction lies in the mash-up of genres—punk, funk, classical,
folk, metal/grunge, marching music, spoken word (and probably more)—and the
easy precision with which the group negotiates the incessant rapid-fire
changes, from chugging power riffs to plaintive themes, from aggressive
screams to gentle whispers.”*
*The New York City Jazz Record*
*”Kuhnspiracy is an incredibly focused work, a commendable take on
programmatic writing utilising multiple music blends…an aural
kaleidoscope, often mentally exhaustive yet feeling quite pertinent within
the current jazz climate.”*
*Jazz Journal*
*”To my ears, they have extended the Rock In Opposition genre with their
classical leanings and deranged playing. Quite an impressive release that
is sure to appeal to anyone tired of the same old, same old.’’ **Expose*
*”Kuhnspiracy is tons of fun, both in the compositions and the
improvisations, and this is definitely a band with a sound all their own
and the talent to make it work.” **Jon Davis*