Koncert: Moose Empire + HRPS (Norway)

25 lipca 2016 20:00

Are you ready for an evening with Norwegian punk rock!?

Moose Empire is a Norwegian band that plays garage rock and pop-punk with an extensive use of organ. The band is inspired by bands like: The Hives, Iggy Pop, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. The shows are known to be energetic, entertaining, humid and the band involves the audience actively.


HRPS is a Norwegian band with roots in alternative punk, but with elements of scandirock, garage rock, heavy blues rock and desert rock. The band is known for energetic live shows, where they give 110%. The frontman has been compared with GG Allin and Hank Von Hell, amongst others, because of his uncompromising and sometimes over the top appearance. Meanwhile, the band plays tight and hard, and rock the socks off the audience.



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