Fabryka Zabawek – jazzy acoustic grooves in Harris

1 marca 2018 21:30

-Who’s plaing?
Fabryka Zabawek

-What do they play?
Jazzy acoustic grooves

-I mean… who EXACTLY is going to play?
Ela Łuszczakiewicz – vocals
Damian Skóra – acoustic/nylon guitar
Marcin Chatys – acoustic bass
Bartek Staromiejski – drums

-Sweet. Tell me more.
Fabryka Zabawek is an acoustic quartet from Kraków. That night we will hear their own compsitions written in both polish and english, mixed with some covers. Their modern arrangements are trimmed into a shape of naturally sounding, acoustic songs with a touch of groove and jazzy harmonies. Warning – there’s gonna be talking in between songs as some of them like to chat with the audience.

-Alright, enough. Let me chceck their profile.

– Ok, maybe searching through a profile is too boring for me. Just put me straight to some youtube videos.

Clips from last concert in harris:

Studio live session:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywv0leMBt2I – Szósta Rano

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mfsLF-vrc0 – Bake Mee a Pie

some older stuff without drums:

– Cool. I’m convinced. How much?
15 / 20 pln

– What time again?
March 1st, 21:30 pm

– Aight. See you there!


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