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Darman Cogito Ergot Sum, European Tour 2018!!!

Darman, a new face of the Italian alternative rock scene, is currently on tour with his band to present “Segale Cornuta”, his new album released on April 20th 2017 by the label Ayawasca Sciamani Musicali. With “Segale Cornuta” Darman shows to clearly steer towards alternative, psychedelic and noise rock, with elements of new wave to round the sound out. The release of the album has been preceded by the first single “Strana Creatura” (the video is a success on YouTube with over 160.000 views in five months). On September 22th, Darman released „Chioma di Berenice”, the second single extracted by „Segale Cornuta”, whose videoclip has been previewed by the important Italian webzine OndaRock, finalist at the international film festival Near Nazareth Festival 2017 and currently selected at the Cefalù Film Festival 2018 and already a success on YouTube with over 135.000 views in a week.

In the electrifying live performances with a uniquely metaphysical atmosphere he is known for, Darman manages to combine the pure energy of alternative noise and psychedelic rock with intellectual depth typical for bard poetry; this is also thanks to the emphatic bond he and his band share with the audience, as well as moments of healthy and relatable irony, harmonising and completing the show. Experiencing a Darman live is like travelling through space and time: a whirl at first, which turns into an intimate reflection, only to end on a biting, penetrating note.



As Support You Can See Cracow Post-Progressive Fate Mystified!

Fate Mystified is a progressive rock/metal quartet from cracow. The band is promoting theirs first Full Album „Through The Limits Of Psychic Endurance”



Chicago Jazz, 24 May, start at: 20:00
Entrance 20zł (5e) / Pre-sale at Club 15zł (4e)
Invite by Jakub Modrzecki Music & Chicago Jazz!!!