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Andrew Bear

Andrew Bear is a singer/songwriter/drummer and rock band from Ukraine

September 20, 2013 is the day when Andrew’s debut album “Free Man” came out. It’s the mix of blues rock, garage rock and melodic pop rock songs.

Just one month before the release video for single “Whiskey & Rain” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y46CzTnQBZc) saw the world, and immediately went to stream of A-ONE ROCK TV – the one and only TV channel for rock music in CIS (http://www.a1rock.tv/). Couple songs from this album are still in rotation list of Radio Rocks (http://www.radioroks.ua/), the only rock radio in Ukraine.

In February 2014 Andrew released his EP “Garage Sessions”, different from super-produced debut, it was recorded during 6 days and had really solid and “grunge” sound.

In October 20th 2015 first single and video from upcoming album were released. The song “Divine” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMn4o1gifFE) had really warm welcoming in musical press and mentioning in certain music magazines and blogs in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and US.

8th of December 2015 was a release date of 2nd album called “Lightness”. After that, in the end of December 2015 guys played the first Ukrainian tour to present and promote their album in their native country.

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMn4o1gifFE

The Underground Man

The Underground Man is a British-Polish band of four musicians based in Lublin, Poland and fronted by welsh-born Gafyn Davies, who arrived in Lublin in 2010 to record his debut solo album “Broken Romance”. Darek Hanaj (drums) and Dorota Turkiewicz (keys) played key roles in the recording of this album and wanting to explore other sounds, together with Radek Barszcz (bass), The Underground Man was created.

The sound of The Underground Man is an amalgamation of widely differing musical styles with each of the members of the band coming from different musical backgrounds and each adding their own personal flavours to the mix. The result: a mixture of raw tones that cohort with dashing synth melodies while dark landscapes waltz with thumping rhythms.

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AKu6pYJmVM

The Mojos

The Mojos are a rock ‚n roll band founded in Kraków in 2012.
LA-based music journalist, concert and music festival organizer, Expat Radio’s Pablo Lucre, formerly of KBOO & KRRC in Portland, Oregon, St. Petersburg Times (Russia)

and Rolling stone, says:
„The MoJos are the most exciting, promising young band to emerge from places east of Berlin in a very, very long time. Catch them when you can!”
Guitar & vocals – Matthew
Bass & vocals – Michal
Drums – Kuba

Link – https://www.facebook.com/themojosofficial/